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Kamleh Shaban comes from a long line of doctors and surgeons.

A second-generation Palestinian-American, her family tree also includes Muslim heritage.

Through Doane and its strong tradition of Fulbright Scholars, she found a way to study both.

Shaban completed her 2006 Fulbright in Jordan, studying Islamic medicine and its contrast to Western medicine. She wanted to know how doctors merge medicine with Islamic ethics.

Take Ramadan for instance –the month that Muslims observe the Fast of Ramadan –how do doctors help patients who can’t take medicine while fasting?

Someday, the answers to those questions will help her become a better doctor. She’s in her second year as a medical student at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

Shaban is just one of more than 50 Fulbrights in Doane’s history.

Will you be next?

The next to study biology in Germany, history in Vienna or maybe German in Austria.

For many, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime, a journey of self-discovery and impact on the broadcast scale.

And did we mention it looks good on a resumé?

Doane is one of the most consistent schools in producing Fulbright Scholars, receiving one-to-three per year for nearly two decades, and dating back almost as far as the program itself.

Doane’s Fulbright tradition is pretty simple: each year the Fulbright program offers more than 1,500 American grantees.

We make sure a Doane student (or more) is among them.

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